Best French Anki Decks 2024 That You Need Now

As the new year is quickly approaching, you might be thinking about setting a goal to really learn French. Although learning French can be a daunting task, we’ve done the hard work for you to find the best French Anki decks for 2024 and make the journey of learning French a lot easier. 

Anki is a popular flashcard app for mobile devices and computers that allows you to create your own decks or use pre-made ones. If you’re learning French, there are many pre-made Anki decks available to help kick start your language learning journey in 2024.

However, with so many options, it can be difficult to determine which decks are the best for your needs. In this article, we will introduce some of the top French Anki decks available and discuss the factors you should consider when choosing the right one for you.

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Why Should You Use Pre-Made French Anki Decks to Learn French?

Anki is a powerful tool for learning French and improving your language skills. It is a digital flashcard app that allows you to create, organize, and review flashcards on your computer or mobile device. 

There are 5 key benefits of using Anki and pre-made French Anki decks:

1. Efficient Memorization: 

Anki streamlines the memorization process for French vocabulary, pronunciation, and grammar. Its digital flashcard system, including its spaced repetition system, proves invaluable for learning these fundamental aspects of the language.

2. Customizable Learning: 

Anki provides the flexibility to tailor your study experience, unlike other flashcard apps which can be too rigid. Utilize pre-made decks and personalize them to align with your learning preferences and pace.

3. Structured Study Plans: 

Pre-made decks offer a structured study plan, covering a diverse range of topics and language skills. This feature is particularly beneficial, allowing you to focus on specific areas like grammar, vocabulary, or conversation skills while tracking your progress.

4. Consistent Study Routine: 

Anki helps you establish a consistent study routine. By incorporating pre-made decks into your daily schedule, you create a reliable habit for reviewing flashcards, contributing to steady language learning progress. 

There’s no need for you to waste time making totally new flashcards because the pre-made French decks does that for you. You just need to focus on study and memorization.

5. Goal Setting and Tracking: 

Anki empowers you to set and track language learning goals. Its robust system automatically generates detailed statistics, offering insights into your daily study habits, including the number of cards and minutes dedicated to learning. 

You can effortlessly monitor your study streak, remaining cards to review, and receive forecasts for upcoming review sessions. Anki’s comprehensive tracking tools not only enhance your awareness of progress but also fine-tune your study strategy for optimal results.

How to Choose French Anki Decks for Your Needs?

When choosing Anki French decks for your language learning needs, there are several factors to consider. 

Here are some tips for selecting the best decks for your situation:

1. Current level of French: 

The first thing to consider is your current level of French. If you are a beginner, you will want to start with decks that cover basic pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar.

As you progress, you can move on to more advanced decks that focus on specific areas of the language, such as less common words, idioms, formal speech, or more poetic language.

2. Areas of focus: 

Another factor to consider is what areas of French you want to learn. For example, if you want to improve your pronunciation, you might look for decks that focus on phonetics or listening comprehension. 

If you want to learn new vocabulary, you might choose decks that cover specific topics or themes. Plus, if you want to focus on grammar, you might look for decks that cover verb conjugations, tenses, or sentence structure.

3. Language learning goals: 

It’s also important to think about your language learning goals when choosing French Anki decks. For example, if you are preparing for a French exam, you might want to look for decks that cover the specific content that will be on the exam. It makes sense to study grammar points up to the C1 Level in French if you are going to do the C1 Level French ​​DELF-DALF Exam (Diploma of French-language studies – Advanced diploma in French language).

If you want to speak like a native, you might look for decks that focus on conversational phrases. If you want to become fluent overall in French, you might look for decks that cover a wide range of topics and language skills, like pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar decks.

4. Research & support:

When considering Anki French decks, it’s crucial to factor in the research and support behind them. Here’s what to look for:

  • Anki Language Expertise: Choose decks crafted by language experts with a profound understanding of French and Anki. Decks developed by individuals well-versed in language acquisition principles and the workings of Anki are more likely to be effective and reliable.
  • Regular Updates: Opt for Anki French decks that are consistently updated. Regular updates ensure that you’re learning relevant and current French content, keeping pace with language evolution. You also ensure that your French Anki decks work with the latest versions of Anki on different mobile devices and computers. 
  • Consistent Design: The design and format of flashcards matter. Consistency enhances the learning experience. Look for decks with a uniform structure, including high-quality images, audios, IPA, translations, sentence examples, and definitions.
  • Comprehensive Content: Seek decks that offer comprehensive content. You can enrich your learning journey by using a collection of well-rounded French decks, covering various aspects, from pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Customer Support: Reputable Anki French decks come with customer service support. Having reliable support ensures that you can seek assistance, clarification, and guidance as you navigate through your language learning journey. This support is invaluable when facing challenges or uncertainties.

Where to Find French Anki Decks?

There are a few places where you can find French Anki decks:

  1. Anki website: The Anki website has a community-driven deck library where users can share their decks with others. You can search for decks by language, topic, or skill level, and you can also sort the results by popularity or rating.
  2. Speakada website: Speakada is a well-known company that provides pre-made French Anki decks. The decks are informed by scientific research, so you can be confident in the quality of the flashcards purchased. Using Speakada’s Anki flashcards for French, you will be able to learn French pronunciation, French vocabulary and French grammar.
  3. Language learning forums: There are many forums and online communities dedicated to language learning, and many of these have sections for sharing Anki decks. For example, check out the specialized Anki Language Learning reddit, the broader Language Learning reddit, or the more general Anki reddit.
  4. YouTube: Some language learners create video tutorials or reviews of Anki decks and post them on YouTube. You can search for specific decks or topics on YouTube to find these types of videos.

Best French Anki Decks 2024

What is Speakada?

Speakada is a company that helps learners reach fluency in French through Anki language learning flashcards. All French Anki decks developed by Speakada are based on research studies, making them the most effective Anki French flashcards. Their offerings include a variety of digital Anki flashcard decks for learning French pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar. 

Here are some reasons why the best French Anki decks are from Speakada:

1. Speakada’s French Anki decks are correct

One of the main issues with using pre-made French decks for Anki from random sources on the internet is that they are not always vetted for accuracy. 

This means that there may be incorrect information contained within the deck, which can lead to learners receiving incorrect information and potentially learning incorrectly. This can be frustrating for learners and can even lead to a loss of motivation as they struggle to make progress due to incorrect or outdated information.

In contrast, the French decks developed by Speakada have been carefully developed by Anki experts and linguists to ensure that the information contained within them is correct. This means that learners can be confident that they are receiving accurate information and can trust that the decks will help them make progress in their language learning journey. 

We also give ongoing support to help you with Anki language learning, we update our decks according to the latest Anki releases, and we quickly fix any bugs you may find.

2. Speakada’s French Anki decks are based on research 

One of the key features of Speakada’s Anki French decks is that they are based on research. This means that the content of the decks is based on scientific studies and evidence-based approaches to language learning.

For example, many of our decks are based on academic research by Stephen Krashen, Paul Nation, James Milton, Michael Lewis and others. Moreover, we base our flashcards on linguistic concepts like spaced repetition, word frequency, comprehensible input, language chunks and more.

By using decks that are based on research, learners can be confident that they are receiving information that has been thoroughly tested and proven to be effective in helping learners improve their language skills.

3. Speakada’s decks give you a clear path to French fluency

A key feature of Speakada’s approach to learning French is that it is based on a clear and effective method. This method is designed to help learners make progress in their language learning journey in a structured and efficient manner.

Speakada’s method is designed to be easy to understand and follow. It provides learners with a clear roadmap for learning French, including specific steps and activities that they can do to improve their skills. This can help learners stay motivated and make progress more quickly, as they have a clear sense of what they need to do to learn the language.

In contrast to this, many of the premade decks available on Anki’s website or other sources are made in a haphazard, random or outdated way. This can make it challenging for learners to know how to use these decks effectively and make progress in their language learning.

4. Broken down into areas of learning

Speakada’s Anki French decks are designed to provide a comprehensive and structured approach to learning French. The decks are divided into three main areas of focus: pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

The French pronunciation decks by Speakada are designed to help learners master the sounds and rhythms of French, with a focus on the alphabet, International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) symbols, and minimal pairs. These decks include audio recordings of native French speakers to help learners develop their pronunciation skills.

The French vocabulary decks by Speakada are designed to help learners build a strong foundation of basic and advanced words and phrases. These decks include definitions, example sentences, and images to provide context and help learners understand the meanings and uses of new words.

The French grammar decks by Speakada are designed to help learners understand the structure and rules of the French language from the A0 absolute beginner level to the C1 advanced level. These decks include explanations of key grammar concepts and exercises to help learners practice and apply their knowledge.

What are the Speakada French Anki Decks?

1. French Anki Decks for Pronunciation

The French Pronunciation Bundle from Speakada covers three key areas and includes 3 decks: the French alphabet, IPA pronunciation, and minimal pairs. 

a) Alphabet French Anki Deck:

The French alphabet is the first step, as it is used to write out French words and represent the sounds of French.

b) IPA Pronunciation French Anki Deck:

The IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) is a standardized system for representing the sounds of spoken languages, and it is particularly useful for learning the unique sounds of French that may not be found in your native language.

c) Minimal Pairs French Anki Deck:

Minimal pairs are pairs of words that differ by a single sound and are used to help you distinguish between similar sounds. 

By working through these three areas, you will have a solid foundation in French pronunciation and be able to self-correct your own pronunciation in any situation.

2. French Anki Decks for Vocabulary

Speakada’s vocabulary decks for learning French in Anki are designed to be highly efficient and effective. 

They are based on the most frequently used words in the French language, so that learners can quickly and easily comprehend and communicate in French. By focusing on the most commonly used words first, learners can build a strong foundation and progress more efficiently in their language learning journey.

Speakada’s French vocabulary decks are based on research from linguists such as Michael Lewis, James Milton, Stephen Krashen, and Paul Nation, and are designed to help learners reach 90% comprehension and A2 CEFR (vocabulary) level. 

The French Vocabulary Bundle by Speakada includes three decks: 

  1. French 625 Words Anki Deck
  2. French Top 2000 Words Anki Deck
  3. Common French Phrases Anki Deck

The decks are structured in a way that allows learners to build their vocabulary step-by-step, starting with picture-based flashcards, then moving on to sentence-based flashcards, and finally learning common phrases. These decks are a valuable resource for French learners looking to improve their vocabulary and reach a higher level of proficiency in the language.

3. French Anki Decks for Grammar

Speakada’s French Grammar Bundle is a set of digital flashcards designed to help learners improve their knowledge of French grammar. The bundle includes flashcards for the most important and frequently used grammar rules at levels A0 to C1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). 

These flashcards include sentence examples, grammar rule explanations, audio and IPA pronunciation, and English translations, allowing learners to study grammar rules incrementally and improve their fluency over time.

The C1 level, in particular, is considered the stage at which learners can speak fluently at an advanced level. If you reach the C1 level in French, then you will clearly satisfy the minimum requirements for employment, study abroad, and residence or citizenship in a French-speaking country. 

The Speakada French Grammar Bundle contains the following decks:

French Beginner Level Grammar Decks

  1. French A0 Grammar Anki Deck: Absolute Beginner Level
  2. French A1 Grammar Anki Deck: Beginner Level
  3. French A2 Grammar Anki Deck: Elementary Level

French Intermediate Level Grammar Decks

  1. French B1 Grammar Anki Deck: Intermediate Level
  2. French B2 Grammar Anki Deck: Upper-Intermediate Level

French Advanced Level Grammar Deck

  1. French C1 Grammar Anki Deck: Advanced Level

The French Grammar Bundle is an organized and efficient way for learners to cover the top French grammar rules and fill in any knowledge gaps they may have up to the C1 Advanced level.

What’s the Next Step after you get a French Anki Deck?

Congratulations on selecting the ideal French Anki deck to propel your language learning journey! Now that you have your deck ready, the next crucial step is to seamlessly integrate it into your study routine.

1. Installation Guide:

Begin by installing the Anki app on your preferred device, be it your computer, tablet, or smartphone. You can download the app from the official Anki website (

Once the app is installed, open it, and you’ll find options to import or open a deck. Follow our comprehensive guide here to smoothly install your French Anki deck.

2. Organizing Your Study Sessions:

Before diving into the deck, consider organizing your study sessions. Decide how much time you can allocate daily and set realistic goals. 

Consistency is key in language learning, especially with Anki, so aim for regular, manageable sessions rather than sporadic intense ones.

3. Understanding the Anki Algorithm:

Anki’s spaced repetition (SRS) algorithm is your personalized study scheduler. It tailors your daily sessions based on what you need to review, optimizing memory retention. Imagine a learning companion that adapts to your strengths and challenges, strategically reminding you of flashcards just when you’re about to forget them.

Trust the algorithm’s timing, and you’ll find your language skills steadily and efficiently advancing. Familiarize yourself with how the Anki SRS system works to make the most of your study sessions.

4. Personalization and Modification of French Anki Decks:

Anki is highly customizable. Feel free to modify your Anki settings based on your preferences. Change how many new cards you study per day, according to your time available. 

You can even customize each French flashcard in Anki, based on how you learn best. Add more context to vocabulary cards, create mnemonic devices for trickier words, or include cultural insights. Tailoring the deck to your learning style enhances its effectiveness.

5. Sync Across Devices:

If you use Anki on multiple devices, consider syncing your progress using AnkiWeb. This ensures a seamless experience as you can switch between devices while maintaining your study flow.

Remember, the key to successful language learning is consistency and engagement. Make studying your French Anki deck an enjoyable and routine part of your day, and watch your language skills flourish!

Anki & French Fluency: Final Thoughts on Deck Choices

In conclusion, Anki is a powerful tool for language learning, and there are many French Anki decks available to help you on your fluency journey. 

When choosing a deck, it’s important to consider your current level of French, what areas you want to focus on, your overall goals, as well as the reliability and reputation of the French decks.

Whether you want to improve your pronunciation, build your vocabulary, or learn more about grammar, there is an Anki deck out there for you. 

If you want to save time, effort and have more peace of mind, then we at Speakada make it even easier for you by giving you the best French Anki decks all in one place, which are researched, structured, and ready-to-use. When you use pre-made Anki decks, you can be confident that you’ll be on your way to fluency in no time.

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