Request Flashcards for Your Language

Email [email protected] if you have a special request for language learning flashcards or other resources that we do not yet offer.

What Can We Request?

You can request for certain Anki flashcards/decks or other types of resources for our current or new languages.

We are working hard to provide beginner language learners with high quality Anki Flashcards and Anki Decks for language learning. So far, we have been focusing only on Spanish (Latin American) and French. Also, we have been providing Alphabet flashcards, Numbers flashcards, IPA Pronunciation flashcards, and Top 100 Most Common Words flashcards.

However, we have recently received requests from customers to create Anki flashcards for other languages, and also for other types of language learning resources. For instance, we recently received requests for IPA Pronunciation flashcards for the Swedish language, which we have officially commissioned.

If you have a request for certain Anki flashcards/decks or you want other types of resources for our current or new languages, then please contact us at [email protected] and we will see whether we can create your special request.

Some Considerations When Making a Request

Please consider that it may take us about 14-20 days or more to create your special request product because we are making it custom for you.

Moreover, please note that requests for other languages or other types of resources may mean that we might suggest a higher price than our current French and Spanish products. The reason is because we would have to collect and coordinate native speaker audios, organize the deck, and collect other data for the flashcards, such as IPA, images, definitions and more.

Also, the demand for your specialized product will likely be much lower than French and Spanish so the higher price would make up for the lower demand, and would mean that it would be worth it for our team to create and maintain.

Other customers who have made custom requests have been happy with these considerations, especially since we will create resources for you that cannot be found elsewhere, but we wanted to be upfront with you so you are aware of them.

If you’re happy with these considerations, and you have a special request for your target language, then email [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours. Looking forward to helping you with your language goals!!!

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