The “Common Polish Phrases Flashcards for Anki” are a specially designed vocabulary flashcard deck for Anki, to help you hear, pronounce and memorize the most common Polish phrases. This digital flashcard deck features sentence audio, pictures, IPA and English translation to reinforce your comprehension of Polish phrases vocabulary.

Our Common Polish Phrases Flashcards focus on basic Polish sentences that are frequently used in many real-life situations. These phrases are based on linguist Paul Nation’s research and a synthesis of more than 10 travel guide and phrase books. It includes the top 100 Polish phrases that you can use in a variety of contexts so you can speak with confidence abroad, get what you want and express yourself clearly. It will also help you avoid awkward and embarrassing situations with native speakers because you’ll know what to say.

This is an essential Anki deck for Polish learners who want to improve their basic speaking and listening skills. We recommend learning the Polish 500 Picture Words and Polish Top 2000 Words first before using the Polish common phrases deck. This is an exclusive deck only available in the Polish vocabulary bundle.


Although you can create your own set of flashcards for free, it can be very overwhelming especially if you don’t have any experience using Anki. To create an Anki deck from scratch can be time-consuming. On average it takes 3 minutes to create just 1 card. Our common Polish phrases flashcards has a total of 200 cards and if you were to create your own from scratch it’ll take 10 hours just on card creation alone. This doesn’t include sourcing Polish audios, learning how to use Anki and studying the cards.

That’s why we created our own Anki common Polish phrases flashcards for you. It is quick to install and allows you to not only save time but allows you to focus on learning the the most common Polish phrases.

Language: Polish

Flashcards: 200 (100 Polish Phrases x 2 Card Types)

Time: Approx. 2-3 months to Complete

Difficulty: Easy/ Beginners


Anki Common Polish Phrases Flashcards:

This is a set of 200 Anki flashcards pre-made for Polish learners. Each flashcard contains 1 basic Polish phrase, and English translation hint, Polish sentence audio, IPA and a picture. The pictures show a certain situation where you might use each Polish phrase. So, you learn all these 100 phrases with the help of images, rather than relying on English translations. This means you can quickly associate the images and contexts to the phrases in your target language, without English translations getting in the way. By using this Anki deck you will be able to:
  • Pronounce each Polish phrase correctly with Polish sentence audios and IPA
  • Quickly think in the language in many contexts, as you learn common Polish phrases that can be easily visually represented with an image.
  • Associate the pictures of situations to the phrase in your target language, without English translations getting in the way.
  • Test yourself if you understand basic Polish phrases, thereby, improving your listening comprehension
  • Be familiar with the most common Polish phrases, as our basic Polish phrases use the most frequently used Polish words and are the most common phrases or expression required for basic communication in Polish .
  • Easily remember phrases vocabulary with spaced repetition, images, audios and IPA.
  • Gain more confidence to speak in Polish and have a sound starting point for further language learning

Who is this for?

This is for individuals who are beginners in learning Polish. The pre-made Anki deck is suitable for individuals who would like to start learning the basics of Polish without the hassle and time-consuming process of creating your own common Polish phrases flashcards from scratch. If you are struggling to speak Polish in the initial stages of contact with a foreign language, this deck will help you practice and learn the most common Polish phrases that are useful for travel or where basic contact with native speakers is essential. We suggest learning the common Polish phrases flashcards after you have learnt, or in tandem with, the Polish 625 Words and Polish Top 2000 Words.

Where are the Common Polish Phrases Sourced From?

The Common Polish Phrases Flashcards are sourced from a combination of more than 10 travel guide and phrase books and Linguist Paul Nation’s research on frequency words and sentence phrases. We synthesized all of the information and added our own improvements. Our common phrases include the top 100 Polish phrases that you can use in a variety of contexts so you can speak with confidence abroad, get what you want and express yourself clearly. It will also help you avoid awkward and embarrassing situations with native speakers because you’ll know what to say.

What Is Included?

  • 200 flashcards already made for you to learn 100 most common phrases that can be used in different real-life contexts. Each flashcard includes the phrase, IPA, Polish audio and an image of the relevant situation.
  • The Anki Common Phrases Flashcards set uses 2 different types of flashcards for each word.
  • Ready to install Anki flashcard deck to start learning instantly!

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Common Phrases – Get familiar with 100 most frequently used phrases, which are part of the fundamentals of any language. Linguist Paul Nation found that, similar to his research on the most frequently used words in a language, there are also frequently used phrases in languages. If you learned these common Polish phrases, then it would be very helpful in real life situations. Each of these phrases can be represented with a picture to help you visualize the context. This means you don’t use English translations to learn these phrases. The Trainer includes a picture of the relevant situation, the IPA, along with an audio for correct pronunciation. You’ll learn phrases for the following situations, but in your target language:
    • Greetings, Small talk, Polite comments, Requests for various objects, Requests to do certain activities, Tourist phrases, Responses to questions, Shopping and money phrases, Measurements and number-based phrases, Restaurant and food phrases, Health & medical phrases, Asking for help from strangers, Asking for directions to different places, Bathroom phrases, Time-related phrases, Distance-related phrases, Transport phrases, Personal introductions, Job-based phrases, Age-based phrases, Phrases about comprehension or lack of comprehension
  • Test Your Knowledge of the Phrases – Use spaced repetition included in our popular Phrases Anki deck so that you can regularly check your knowledge of the sentence phrases, and see how you’re progressing, and focus only on the most difficult phrases.
  • Memorize Phrases Easily – As you study the Phrases Trainer deck over 2 to 3 months, you will have memorized all of the 100 most common phrases in the language. Then, you’ll have more confidence communicating and take your language study even further.


Below, you can see the Common Polish Phrases Trainer for Anki in action. There are 2 flashcard types for each Polish phrase. The trainer’s flashcards include sentence audios, IPA, pictures and a hidden English translation hint so you can make sure that you understand, pronounce and listen to the Polish phrase correctly.

1. “Picture to Phrase” Flashcards (from Polish Phrases)
2. “Phrase to Picture” Flashcards (from Polish Phrases)
“Picture to Phrase” Flashcards – Results (from Polish Phrases)


Learn the Most Common Polish Phrases

Start learning the top 100 phrases, using pictures. There’s no need to rely on English translations so you can think in your target language faster and speak fluently. The Trainer includes an image of every phrase, its IPA, along with Polish audio of the correct pronunciation. These common Polish phrases are sourced from the 10 most popular Polish phrase books and linguist Paul Nation’s research.

Pronounce Polish Phrases Correctly With Native Audios

Each flashcard contains an audio of the phrase spoken by a native Polish speaker to help you pronounce the phrase correctly, with the right accent. The flashcard will also contain the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of the phrase, so you can double check the standard pronunciation.

Test Your Speaking & Listening of the Most Common Polish Phrases

Use spaced repetition included in our Common Polish Phrases Anki deck so that you can regularly check your knowledge of Polish phrases. See how you’re progressing with your pronunciation, listening skills, and vocabulary recall of the phrases. Then, focus only on the most difficult Polish phrases for you.


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