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Our customers love our Anki flashcards to learn a foreign language. It is extremely useful, convenient and easy to learn a language. Our Anki flashcards are great for beginners and intermediate learners. We offer a range of flashcards to learn pronunciation and vocabulary in more than 10 different languages. Don’t take our word for it, read Anki reviews and testimonials from people learning a language using Anki and Speakada flashcards below.

This is great! I gave up learning Italian last year because I just couldn’t handle making my own cards. I finished the Michel Thomas method, but I found I couldn’t remember the most common words. I absolutely despised creating my own (which I learned by watching “fluent forever”). It was like a full-time job. So for your cards to get me to 90% plus Michel Thomas to help me understand the structure — I think I can get there (finally)!”

Douglas von Kohorn – CEO & Founder of Rhombus

I like your methodology to learn languages. I have used Anki and I like to learn in this application. I am already learning the alphabet, IPA, and minimal pairs in American English.”

Pedro Pacheco

“I first wanted to say THANK YOU for making great flashcards for Anki. I’m on my journey to becoming a polyglot. I’ve used your Spanish and French bundles and they’ve helped me a lot.”

Nathan Anglin

I love your templates. I purchased your package of 625 words, learning pairs and alphabet trainer. Loving the program.

Norm Brekke – SEO Content Strategist

“I am learning Dutch as I live in the Netherlands. I want to be able to get by after being here for a while and not even bothering to learn. I was attracted to your product after reading a fluency made easy book, then trying to create my own ANKI deck. I found it time consuming and boring. So I needed a fast way to create a deck for spaced repetition. This is why I loved the 650 deck and now the 2000 deck should get me to 80% of understanding conversations. I think found you via a link about anki decks and that book. I chose you because I wanted convenience, I dont have time to make the deck myself and you did a much better job. The cost of me making the deck, spending time vs the time to start learning makes it a great deal. I am interested in the most amount of information at a time to learn and spaced repetition does that. I think for a lot of users the nature of learning a deck is appealing because there is a clear end when you’ve mastered the deck according to Anki. Though I recognise I am not the usual user and dont have as much price sensitivity many people probably want all this for free.”

Tim J., living in the Netherlands

“I had previously bought the 625 German word pack and it was EXCELLENT, thank you! Because it was so great, I ordered the whole German bundle. Thanks for all you’ve done so far, it’s a really incredible product you’ve developed!

James J Cook

I am very pleased with the flash cards. Please thank your team for me, and thank you guys for all your efforts. I went to Middlbury school of language and need vocab to help add to what I learned. Anki is really complicated for a lot of people, I would probably just figure something else out, as I need these cards asap. This is something I’ve been trying to get for awhile now through many resources and u guys delivered. I will be recommending u guys to other language learns that may cross my path.”

Elijah Benavidez

” All that upfront effort [making your own decks], I think, can be very de-motivating to a new learner. Part of starting a habit of learning is in my mind just getting started. If one starts at ground 0 and has to work their way up, it can look too daunting and then one might just give up. With your deck, hopefully, I can start immediately. In addition, as it is in the Anki format, I can customize the pictures as I go [that is] more meaningful to me.So, I get the advantage of being able to start immediately.”

Lynton Lee

“Thank you for your help on this. To be honest I had committed to the idea of making it myself but am a bit stuck as to where to begin. I really like the Anki system but it is a bit complicated and I don’t have a lot of time to figure out how to add all the different components. If you can help me get half the way there then my Swedish will improve dramatically I am sure.

Alexandra McGuigan

“I’m learning French as a high school student and recently my teacher said I carry a lot of my Australian pronunciation habits over when I speak French. Most notably with my vowel sounds, they need to sound more French and I think Anki cards were a suggested way to get better.

Grace Veenman

This is great, thank you so much! [I am learning English] because its the most important language to learn as a second language. In my case, I speak Portuguese as my mother language, and I want to study English.”

Gustavo B.Ludwig

“I decided to learn English for work. I work in a law firm and I not only have many English and North American clients, but I also need to present many documents and negotiate with other attorneys in English. Consequently, I need to have a technical knowledge of legal and business English, and to master English in general. I’ve been able to tweak my conversational and writing abilities, reducing the mistakes I used to make and increasing considerably my technical and everyday vocabulary. These flashcards are an interesting way to learn languages, a method that combines cognitive and censorial capacities in order to make it interesting for the learner. This is the reason why I used these flashcards and why I would highly recommend Mark an the team.”

Inés de Ros Casacuberta – Business lawyer, Santiago Chile

“I’ve previously bought the numbers, alphabet and IPA decks, which were all really helpful. That really helps with Spanish because most native speakers I interact with speak quickly.”

Andre Loftis

“I have made it through the Spanish pronunciation guide, alphabet, and numbers. They are all great!

Ray Word Jr. – Biology/A&P Teacher at I.H. Kempner High School

“Thank you so much for the French Anki decks! You have a great set of products here.

Lorie J Call

“These flashcards combine well researched methodologies with digital technologies. It develops practical and useful practices to learn a language.

Roger Costa – International diplomat at Chilean’s Delegation

I love Anki – so it was a no brainer! I used them in Med school for spaced repetition learning.”

Chris Goodman-Smith, MD – Director of CSOMA

“Diverse methods of teaching and learning, from the visual to the vocal, and with a great system of evaluations, repetitions and recall, that makes it easy to learn without forgetting.

Carolina Barros – Corporate Tax Specialist
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