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At Speakada, we offer a range of Anki French flashcards to help you learn French for beginners to advanced learners. We’ve broken down our done-for-you Anki flashcards into 2 categories. The first is French pronunciation flashcards and the second is French vocabulary flashcards. These are pre-made Anki flashcards that are conveniently made to help French language learners to start learning without having to create these Anki flashcards from scratch. If you want to learn more about why you should purchase pre-made Anki flashcards, you can read more here.

The comprehensive bundle with all 3 flashcards decks (French Alphabet, IPA & minimal pairs) to master French pronunciation.

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Learn the French alphabet and learn how to read and write in French. Only available in the French Pronunciation bundle.

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Learn the French IPA and learn how to pronounce the sounds of French. Only available in the French Pronunciation bundle.

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Test your pronunciation & listening skills with French minimal pairs. Exclusive in the French Pronunciation bundle.

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Everything you need to learn French vocabulary. Includes all 3 flashcards decks (French 625 words, top 2000 words & common phrases).

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Learn the French 625 words that are easily represented with an image. Start memorizing vocabulary easier and faster using pictures.

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Learn the top 2000 words and reach 90% French comprehension according to vocabulary acquisition linguist researcher Paul Nation.

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Learn the common French phrases and start speaking using the most common phrases for life, and travel. Exclusive to the bundle.

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Why Use Anki French Flashcards?

If you are debating about whether to use digital French flashcards versus traditional French flashcards, there are several reasons why many French learners would choose Anki digital flashcards.

Anki is a Spaced Repetition flashcards software. It is based on the research findings of Hermann Ebbinghaus who found that our brain’s ability to remember information is limited. He developed the Forgetting Curve, which outlines the decline of memory retention over time. There have been a lot of research studies and academic linguists who have also explored the positive use of Anki and Spaced Repetition. If you are not familiar with the research behind Spaced Repetition and Anki, you can read more about here.

The use of Anki French flashcards can help you learn French from the beginner level all the way to fluency by allowing you to overcome the Forgetting Curve. Many language learners enjoy the use of Anki flashcards because it allows you to harness the power of Anki’s Spaced Repetition and therefore allow you to learn, memorize and retain French in your long-term memory. This means that you do not have to manage the review scheduling of your flashcards and is a huge benefit for language learners with limited time. All you need to do is use Anki on a daily basis and review the cards that are prompted by Anki. Then, Anki takes care of the rest for you and automatically monitors your progress, showing you flashcards that you need to review before you forget them.

While there are physical flashcards and other French flashcard apps on the market, Anki’s unique ability to space out flashcard reviews automatically using a Spaced Repetition algorithm is one of the main reasons why many French learners prefer using Anki. It is through the use of Spaced Repetition that you are able to remember information for longer periods of time. With the use of Anki daily, you’ll be able to retain French far better than any other comparable tool on the market.

Apart from it’s scientifically proven results, Anki is also one of the most affordable options for French learners. Anki is well-known because it is an open source software and is free to use. You can download the latest version of Anki completely for free on the official website. It is available for both Mac and Microsoft PC devices and even offers a free Android app for Android smartphones. The only cost to use Anki is if you would like to use the iPhone version of the app, which costs $25 USD. This price is well worth it because it is only a one-time fee and it allows the founder of Anki to maintain Anki as a predominately free software.

Benefits of Pre-made Anki French Flashcards

Pre-made Anki French flashcards are useful for French learners who do not have the time to make flashcards on their own. On average, it can take up to 3 minutes to create just one flashcard, especially if that flashcard contains images, audios, IPA, and other useful pieces of information. If you look at the average number of flashcards that a person would need to make, you’ll realize that you’ll need to spend at least 5 hours to create just one of our decks from scratch. This does not include knowing where to source the relevant information and native audios, which can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the French language.

In addition, we specialize in creating pre-made French flashcards that include everything you need to learn French effectively and efficiently. Once you install our French flashcards in Anki, you’ll discover that our ready-made flashcards are visually appealing and high in quality. We’ve included relevant linguistic info and memory enhancements in each French flashcard, which will help improve your learning. For example, our flashcards include the French IPA, an example sentence or word, native French audios and carefully selected images to help you learn better. You also get English translation hints, just in case you get stuck. We ensure that every flashcard is thoroughly checked so you can be certain what you are learning is correct.

Our Anki French flashcards are also perfect for French learners who may not have any experience creating cards on Anki. Though Anki is simple in design, the backend of Anki is complex and can be difficult for individuals who are not tech savvy to customize the flashcards specifically for language learning. When you purchase any of our flashcard decks, you’ll get access to our amazing customer service from our Anki Tech Experts to help you get started and really take advantage of Anki and our French flashcards. Here are just a few testimonials of customers who’ve enjoyed using our Anki flashcards:

This is great! I gave up last year because I just couldn’t handle making my own cards. I absolutely despised creating my own. It was like a full-time job. So for your cards to get me to 90% – I think I can get there (finally)!

Douglas von Kohorn – CEO & Founder of Rhombus

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I’m learning French as a high school student and recently my teacher said I carry a lot of my Australian pronunciation habits over when I speak French. Most notably with my vowel sounds and I think Anki cards were a suggested way to get better.

Grace Veenman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I first wanted to say THANK YOU for making great flashcards for Anki. I’m on my journey to becoming a polyglot. I’ve used your Spanish and French bundles and they’ve helped me a lot.

Nathan Anglin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

French Pronunciation Flashcards

If you want to improve your French pronunciation, there are 3 French flashcards decks that we’ve created to specifically help you improve your French accent and enunciation of French sounds. We’ve developed French flashcards for Anki that tackle the common problems of French pronunciation that leave many learners struggling.

French pronunciation is important to learn because it is the foundation to help you really learn French. If you really want to reach French proficiency, and you want to build a closer relationship with French speakers, then you’ll want to develop your ability to speak with native-like pronunciation. If you are finding it difficult to pronounce words correctly or feel embarrassed speaking to native speakers because of you are afraid of misunderstandings, then the French Pronunciation Bundle is what you need.

The French Pronunciation Bundle provides a holistic approach in learning all areas of French pronunciation. You will learn the French alphabet, French IPA and the French minimal pairs. All 3 French flashcards decks are critical to developing the necessary skills in French pronunciation and will provide you with a foundation for the sounds of the language.

Too often, French learners forget to learn the basics and that includes learning the French alphabet. As French is made up of sounds, learning the French alphabet will help you memorize the sounds of the language. This is key to help you speak, read and write in French. The French Alphabet flashcards deck gives you a a break down of the French alphabet as well as a French word example.

After familiarizing yourself with the French alphabet you can now learn the French IPA. The French IPA (French International Phonetic Alphabet) is a standardized representation of the sounds of the spoken language. The IPA is useful because the IPA of a word tells you how to pronounce it correctly in French in a standardized way. It is very helpful particularly when you start learning French vocabulary and you’re stuck because you don’t know how to pronounce a word correctly, so you can use the IPA to figure out the correct pronunciation.

Finally the French Minimal Pairs flashcards are useful to help you test your listening and pronunciation skills by comparing the difference between French minimal pairs. French minimal pairs are 2 words that sound similar are different in both spelling and meaning. As a French learner, you may come across these minimal pairs when conversing and find it difficult to distinguish between the 2 words. As a result, you may use the incorrect word. As a result, learning the French minimal pairs can improve your pronunciation skills as well as your listening comprehension. You’ll be able to fine-tune your ear and your mouth, especially for those sounds that unique to French, and not found in the English language.

Our French Pronunciation Bundle comes with all 3 flashcards decks for you to help you master French pronunciation and retain everything you learn. These flashcards are not sold separately as we have found that the majority of French learners use all 3 flashcard decks, whether they are at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level.

French Vocabulary Flashcards

Similar to our French pronunciation flashcards, we’ve also developed French vocabulary flashcards decks. After you learn from all of our French vocabulary Anki decks, you’ll be able to reach 90% French comprehension, based on research.

The French 625 Words flashcards deck is the first deck to use. To help you familiarize yourself and ease you into learning French vocabulary, you’ll learn the 625 most frequently used words that are easily represented with an image. This is the first step to help you learn French vocabulary as it is much easier to comprehend than abstract words. The pictures also help you remember the words much easier, and you keep your brain thinking in French, rather than relying on English translations to learn new French words.

Once you have completed the 625 Words deck, you can move onto the French Top 2000 Words flashcards, where you will be able to learn 90% of vocabulary that is frequently used in French content and daily speech. This deck uses a combination of language acquisition research that have shown learning the most frequent French words is the most effective way to learn French vocabulary. It has also been found that learning the top 2000 words will allow you to know 90% of vocabulary used in French. By knowing the top 2000 French words, you’ll also comfortably pass the A2 Beginner level of French, and you’ll be well into the Intermediate B levels, according to the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In addition, the Common French Phrases flashcards will allow you to begin learning useful and basic phrases that can help you as you begin to speak and practice French in your everyday life, work and travels. It is a great way to build an understanding of grammar, useful lexical chunks and how to use the vocabulary you have just learned.

All 3 French vocabulary flashcards can be conveniently purchased together for a discounted price. You can also purchase the French 625 Words flashcards and French Top 2000 Words flashcards separately. However it is important to note that the Common French Phrases flashcards are an exclusive deck in the French Vocabulary Bundle.

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