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How to Become Fluent in Any Language Effectively By Yourself using Anki & Other Tools

Tailored guidance, personalized coaching, and a supportive community to elevate your language learning to fluency (B2+ Certified) and enrich your professional, social & personal life.

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Stop overthinking.
Finally get fluent this year.

Your Opportunity

Unlock Opportunities When You Learn Languages

Mastering a new language can open unexpected pathways in your life. Our learners secure global job opportunities, enrich cultural exchanges, form international friendships, and gain confidence in diverse settings.

What could language learning do for you?

Perhaps you possess:

  • A passion for languages, but unsure how to effectively express yourself.
  • Years of language study, yet lack real-world practice and application.
  • Cultural insights and a desire to connect with people from around the world.

The answer lies in having a proven plan to get fluent effectively.

We’re here to guide you through the “how.”

The Speakada Fluent Course

Where You Get a Proven Plan to Fluency using Anki & Other Tools

We love languages, but we don’t learn languages just for the sake of memorizing random foreign words.

We believe language is a catalyst for real-world outcomes: making a new friend, experiencing a different culture, landing a high-paying job across the globe. 

In our five-week Speakada Fluent Course, you will have a clear roadmap of how to use tech tools like Anki and research-based methods to go from absolute beginner in a language to fluent all on your own. If you implement the strategy outlined, then you’ll have people complimenting you saying, “Excuse me, but how did you learn to be fluent?”

We help you do this by giving you three things:

  1. Video Lessons & Workshops. You’ll learn research-based methods for reaching fluency, along with walk-through tutorials for how to use Anki effectively. 
  2. Feedback. You’ll get answers to your questions about language learning and Anki. No more being confused and overwhelmed about what to do.
  3. People. You’ll find your community, the people who genuinely care about learning a language and encouraging you to succeed, both inside the Course and beyond.

In the Course, you will:

  • Discover the immediate next steps you need to take to advance your language to the next level.
  • Learn how to use Anki, from getting started, to optimizing settings, making and studying cards, to personalizing Anki cards depending on your level or needs
  • Define “fluency” clearer for you, so that you have a more definite goal to aim for.
  • Learn the key principles in linguistics research that will help you reach fluency. If you understand these principles, then you can adapt different tools and techniques to ensure you’re using them effectively, based on research.
  • Understand the vital few parts of a language you need to know to get the most results fast.
  • Have fun with native materials, like books, movies, series, websites, and methodically improve your language skills with them.
  • Practice speaking fluency with proven exercises that help to make you speak faster and more spontaneously.
  • Build habits that integrate language learning into your daily life, so you improve the language automatically.

It could take five years to do this on your own. Or, you could do it in five weeks. 

The Speakada Fluent Course is a life-changer and career-accelerator disguised as a language learning course.

You will have the most inspiring conversations you’ve ever had. You will do the most rigorous language learning you’ve ever done.You will receive the highest-quality feedback you’ve ever received. And you can start right now.

Enroll now.

Our Co-Founder, Your Instructor

Meet Matthew Alberto

Some years ago, I built an innovative medical crowdfunding technology & expanded it to Latin America. But the problem was: I couldn’t speak Spanish.

So, I decided to learn Spanish in my spare time, while having a full-time job. But, before I could, I had a hypothesis.

I believed that I needed a proven plan based on solid research. I also wanted to use methods of successful language learners who had already reached fluency before.

I struggled at first.

I even failed the Spanish DELE test the first time.

But I didn’t give up.

Then, I got to work at the language learning company, Fluent Forever, with the famous American polyglot and best-selling author, Gabriel Wyner.

I helped thousands of language learners around the world, building Anki language flashcard decks for them in several languages.

I began refining my strategies, influenced by Gabe’s learning techniques.

But there seemed to be some gaps in what I was doing.

So, I dug deeper into the linguistic research myself, and experimented with my own techniques. I even built my own language learning tools and resources.

I got more confident to try the DELE B2 Spanish exam again.

And the results were fantastic.

My Spanish speaking fluency grew from a 39% score to a 94% score.

And I was able to finally get the Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (DELE B2).

Soon after, Gabe and Fluent Forever made their own separate flashcard app, so my skills in Anki language learning were no longer needed.

We parted ways amicably, and Gabe wrote me a recommendation letter, praising me for my work.

However, I never stopped learning languages for myself, because I just love it so much.

Also, I still continued to use Anki because I strongly believe that it is the most powerful and effective memory tool in the world. I still believe this to this day, as it has helped me so much for over a decade, and I’ve seen it change so many lives through my work.

After a few years, I realized I had developed enough of my own unique method and tools to break out on my own, with my own team at Speakada.

My mission now is to help people learn languages effectively on their own & get certified fluent (CEFR B2+) for better work & relationships.

To achieve this, I build self-study tools, methods & digital Anki flashcards, with the help of our Speakada Team.

As you can see from my story, if you start learning languages effectively, you too can change your trajectory.

I’d love to show you the way.


“Speakada uses diverse methods of teaching and learning, from visual to vocal, which all makes it easy to learn.”

(International trade diplomat & Language learner)

“I’ve been able to tweak my pronunciation, reducing the mistakes I make & increasing my memory of new words.”

(Corporate Tax Specialist & Language learner)

“Speakada motivates me by adapting to my schedule. I can learn in my own time. Now language learning is more fun.”

(Emergency medical doctor & Language learner)

“Thanks to Speakada I was able to save hours making flashcards and instead, focus on learning with confidence.”

(Business lawyer & Language learner)

What to Expect in the Speakada Fluent Course

Embark on a transformative journey towards language fluency with our interactive video course. Here’s what you can expect from this cohort-based program:

Course Structure:

  • Limited to a maximum of around 10-30 participants for an intimate and focused learning environment, and to make sure participants get quality attention.
  • 5-week duration with 2 pre-recorded videos per week, and tailored to the requests and questions of the community participants, totaling 10 interactive sessions.
    • Pre-recorded video lesson sessions are packed with Matthew’s best insights, examples, research-based methods and recommendations.
    • Pre-recorded video workshops are more action-oriented, where you use Anki and other digital tools to learn your language, and get feedback. Ask questions in the community, and I will answer you in a recorded video walk-through.
  • Pre-lesson question submission option ensures your queries are addressed, and you can watch the recorded video response when you’re ready.
  • Access to recordings for review and reinforcement.
  • Access to community of smart language learners, who are here to level-up. You’ll join high-caliber, like-minded people from all over the world, and you’ll go on to build relationships and friendships.
  • Money-back guarantee up to end of the first 7 days of course commencement.

**Note that some elements of the course structure or course curriculum may change depending on the feedback and suggestions of the participants.

Course Curriculum Week-By-Week:

  1. VIDEO LESSON: The Goal of “Fluency” & Key Principles to Achieve It On Your Own
  2. VIDEO WORKSHOP: How to Set Up Anki & Other Tools for Language Learning By Yourself
  1. VIDEO LESSON: Core Language – Master essential language features of pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar
  2. VIDEO WORKSHOP: How to Use Anki & Other Tools for Learning the Language Core
  1. VIDEO LESSON: Understand Language – Dive deep into comprehension, the vocabulary growth loop, intensive and extensive input methods.
  2. VIDEO WORKSHOP: How to Use Anki & Other Tools for Improving Listening & Reading Comprehension
  1. VIDEO LESSON: Produce Language – Proven methods for developing speaking and writing skills, receiving feedback, and engaging in fluency-building exercises.
  2. VIDEO WORKSHOP: How to Use Anki & Other Tools for Improving Speaking & Writing Fluency
  1. VIDEO LESSON: Living the Language, Building Habits and Reaching B2-C1 Level Fluency
  2. VIDEO WORKSHOP: How to Use Anki & Other Tools as a Regular Habit & for Reaching Fluency Goals

Sample of Video Workshop Answering Direct Questions Asked by Speakada Community Member

Join us and immerse yourself in a comprehensive language-learning experience designed to accelerate your journey towards fluency.

Join the Speakada Fluent Course

Next cohort runs soon. Join the Waiting List below to get notified of next enrollment dates.

Once you sign up, I’ll email you with enrollment updates for the upcoming cohort so you can claim your spot.

Have a question? Email us at [email protected]


One five-week cohort of Speakada Fluent video course:

  • 5 modules of pre-recorded video lessons with Matthew Alberto
    • *You can make suggestions before each lesson to help shape the content of the video
  • 5 pre-recorded video workshops using Anki & other tools with Matthew Alberto
    • *You can make suggestions before each workshop to help shape the content of the video
  • Access to community to give each other feedback, accountability & share ideas


Lifetime access to all future cohorts of Speakada Fluent video course:

  • Everything in the Essential Edition


  • Access to every new video cohort of Speakada Fluent Course, including updated lessons and workshops – FOR LIFE
    • *This is useful because your problems with Anki language learning will change over time. Also, we plan to do 2-5 new cohorts per year due to regular updates to Anki & our decks, changing technologies and AI, plus updated research and resources in future

Next cohort runs soon. Join the Waiting List below to get notified of next enrollment dates.

Once you sign up, I’ll email you with enrollment updates for the upcoming cohort so you can claim your spot.

The Speakada Fluent Course Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied within the first 7 days of the course start date, you can request a full refund — no questions asked. 


Is this course right for me?

This course is right for you if any of the following are true:

  • You are a serious language learner who wants clear, measurable results based on a proven, research-based plan, that has shown to work by other learners
  • You care about speaking well in a foreign language, including speaking articulately, clearly and in an intelligent way like you would do in your native language
  • You are generally an introverted person, meaning that you tend to get more energy working on your own or in small groups and having deep, meaningful conversations, rather than getting energy from being in large crowds and having lots of small talk
  • You may be shy or embarrassed at times in social situations requiring a foreign language, so you want to make sure that you’ve practiced in advance on your own, so you know how to say things well (as best as you can) before you open your mouth
  • You are an independent language learner, who wants to take charge and have greater control of their learning journey
  • You are an avid Anki user or you want to get started with Anki because you know of its remarkable benefits to your long-term memory, and how it can help you learn the thousands of words and grammar you need
  • You want to reach a fluent level, as defined by the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages) as the B2 level as a minimum, and maybe even the C1 level or beyond
  • You want or need to pass a foreign language proficiency exam
  • You failed at reaching fluency in the past
  • You failed at maintaining your language fluency and now can’t remember much of the language you once learned
  • You’re blocked by the intermediate plateau and you don’t know how to get out of it to push yourself to the next level
  • You want to know research-based methods for language learning, including knowing the research behind proven techniques
  • You want to use the best tech tools available to learn a language effectively on your own

This course is probably not the right fit for you if:

  • You only want to learn a language for a very short trip, and you just want to speak basic travel phrases
  • You are generally an extroverted person, meaning that you tend to get more energy in large crowds and you like a lot of small talk, so learning on your own sounds boring to you.
    • If this is the case, I recommend you check out the “Speak from Day 1” method by Benny Lewis, as that strategy may be a better fit for your personality and learning style.
  • You just want to speak a foreign language at the beginner level or lower-intermediate levels
  • You are fine with making lots of mistakes and you don’t want to improve on your mistakes
  • You are scared or totally overwhelmed by using technology for language learning, and you’d rather just be in a formal class, talk to people only, use a physical textbook or use paper flashcards.
Why should I take this course now?

This is a rare opportunity to experience a premium group coaching experience with Matthew and other like-minded language learners.

Doing this course with Matthew is valuable because:

  • Matthew has worked already with thousands of other independent language learners who have used Anki and other tools (as shown in his work with Fluent Forever and Speakada), so he can help you personally, too.
  • Matthew has already achieved fluency in a foreign language, and can prove it with a certificate, and is currently learning more languages, so he can relate to your goals and situation
  • Matthew personally learned methods and techniques from the American polyglot and bestselling author, Gabriel Wyner, and has now even improved upon those methods with more current tools, research and his experience reaching fluency.
  • Matthew has been using Anki, building tools for Anki, and making flashcards for himself and others for Anki for 10 years. This is a very rare skill, and it’s hard to find experienced and knowledgeable tutors and mentors for Anki that will personally work with you.

This is the first time we are doing this, and we’re unsure if we’ll ever offer this again.

If you do join, you’ll have a big say in the direction of the course and you’ll get more personalized attention.

And if you start now, you could start changing your trajectory right away. So, ask yourself: where do you want to be in six months?

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

Nope. We’ll help you set everything up: how to set up your own flashcards, how to use other language learning tools, how to access the video lessons and workshops, and everything in between. All you have to do is show up with enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn and improve.

What if I’ve never used Anki before?

Don’t worry, we’re never going to leave you behind with Anki.

The first video workshop will be all about setting up Anki, with a tutorial walk-through for Anki explaining how to get started with just the basics. This is useful if you have been using another flashcard program in the past, like Quizlet.

You’ll have Matthew as a coach answering your questions in the video workshops. Plus, there are your peers in the community all helping you get started with Anki language learning, so that you can be confident installing Anki, using Anki flashcards so you can just focus on studying a language with Anki immediately.

What if I’m an experienced Anki user?

Great — then you know that Anki is seriously the best memory tool out there, but there are still nuances for how to use it in different contexts, different languages, different levels and with different resources for language learning.

We will help you personalize Anki even more to your way of learning a language and make it the best language tool you’ve ever used. And you’ll leave with all the resources and strategies you need to continuously improve as an Anki language learner for life.

Plus, this isn’t just about using Anki. It’s also about getting accountability and motivation from the community, building regular language learning habits and reaching a very clear fluency goal, using a proven plan to get there. 

What if I can’t watch the Video Lessons or Workshops on their release date?

The Video Lessons and Workshops are the main event of the Speakada Fluent Course, and each of the lessons and workshops are going to be pre-recorded and released week-by-week.

However, you are able to shape the content of the lessons and workshops by asking questions and making suggestions before the recording so we recommend getting involved in the community and keeping up to date with the videos as much as you can.

You can always watch the recording on your own, and participate and share your questions and progress in the Exclusive Community on the days after the Pre-recorded Video Lessons and Workshops are released.

I’m not based in the U.S. Can I still participate in this course?

Absolutely. Speakada is based in the U.S. but our team is fully remote and distributed across the globe.

So our course is open to any language learner around the world. The Speakada Fluent Course is a global experience.

How much time will I spend on the course each week?

To reap the full benefits of the Speakada Fluent Course, we recommend you commit at least two hours per week. 

  • A Video Lesson session will run for about 30 minutes.
  • A Video Workshop will run for about 30 minutes.

With that time commitment, you could watch every Video Lesson Session, every Video Workshop, and you’d have 1 hour to use the recommended tools, optimize Anki for study, make your own flashcards, ask questions, and interact with the community. Of course, you can spend as much time as you’d like. This is just our recommendation to help you succeed. 

How long can I access course materials?

You’ll receive access to the community one week before the Speakada Fluent Course starts, and you’ll have access to everything in this current cohort of the course indefinitely

What’s the difference between the Essential and Premium Editions?

The Essential Edition includes access to one five-week video course for $100. 

The Premium Edition includes lifetime access to all future Speakada Fluent Courses for $250. Keep in mind that we’re forever iterating on the Course experience, so each cohort is better than the last.

Note that the Premium Edition is especially useful because your problems with Anki language learning will change over time. Also, we plan to do 2-5 new cohorts per year due to regular updates to Anki & our decks, changing technologies and AI, plus updated research and resources in future.

What can I use the Bonus Gift Card for?

You can use the Bonus Speakada Gift Card to get any of our flashcard decks, bundles or for a future Speakada Fluent Course cohort.

If there aren’t any decks relevant for you in our Speakada Store, then you can also purchase decks, bundles or course for a friend of loved one as a gift, or you can pass on the Gift Card as a gift to someone special who can then choose what they want to get.

Note that we are regularly expanding our line of languages, flashcard decks and bundles, and other offerings, so you can save your Speakada Gift Card for later when the product you want is available. Contact us at [email protected] if you have a specific request, and we’ll see what we can do.

How much will I interact with Matthew?

These sessions are highly interactive, so Matthew won’t just be teaching. He’ll answer questions, provide feedback, and share years of expertise to help you overcome any challenges.

He also hosts a private Q&A at the end of the course to any unanswered questions you still may have by the end of the course.

Can’t I find all the content online for free?

No, you can’t.

Matthew is probably the best in the world at using Anki for Language Learning, having been paid tens of thousands of dollars to build Anki decks and tools over the last several years. He has experience helping thousands of independent language learners and was hired by American polyglot and bestselling author, Gabriel Wyner to build Anki decks for him personally and for Fluent Forever. Not only that, Matthew has actually used the decks that he makes to be certified fluent in languages himself, so he has personally proven that his decks work. He also still regularly uses Anki to learn more languages himself.

Also, there are many topics that you can’t easily find for free on the internet, or are just plain not available, including very new or underserved topics that no-one talks about like:

  • How to set up the new FSRS algorithm on Anki so that you can learn even more effectively with spaced repetition
  • How to use ChatGPT and AI with Anki to learn a language
  • What’s a clear method to use Anki from absolute beginner stages to the more advanced stages? How does the use of Anki differ at each stage?
  • How to build regular habits with Anki so that you can improve your physical health, while at the same time, improve your language learning

There are a lot more topics that Matthew could talk about, and you probably have your own personalized questions.

Sure, you can learn language learning tips for free on the Internet, but what we offer is the support and accountability you need to take control of your language learning so it’s effective and based on a proven plan, using Anki and other tools. If you try to learn all of the tools, techniques, and research-based methods on your own, it would take you a really long time. You won’t do it alongside other high-caliber language learners. You won’t receive trained feedback on your study techniques and how you use Anki and other tools. And you won’t participate in workshops, sessions and the vibrant community motivating each other.

In the Speakada Fluent Course, you’ll receive a priceless experience you can’t find anywhere else on the Internet.

Which tools and platforms will I need?

Here’s a breakdown of the tools you can expect to use during the course. The following are absolute necessities:

  • Anki: Where you’ll make and study flashcards.
  • Facebook or Discord: The bustling hub of our community. (I’m still not sure which platform we’ll use and I’ll ask participants what they prefer, and will confirm as the start date draws nearer.)
What’s your refund policy?

Enrollment is 100% risk-free. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can request a full refund within 7 days of the start of the course — no questions asked.

Next cohort runs soon. Join the Waiting List below to get notified of next enrollment dates.

Once you sign up, I’ll email you with enrollment updates for the upcoming cohort so you can claim your spot.

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