How to Use Anki to Learn German

Many language learners use Anki because it is a wonderful study tool. In particular, several German learners also use Anki to remember and learn pronunciation, vocabulary and even grammar. 

What’s great about Anki is the fact that you can use it regardless of your German language level. Beginner German learners especially find Anki helpful because there is such a large amount of German vocab to memorize before reaching higher levels of the language. 

Nevertheless, you may be new to Anki or you haven’t figured out all of Anki’s awesome features to help you learn German effectively. But it’s really worth it! If you are able to understand how to use Anki for your German language learning, then you can take advantage of Anki’s Spaced Repetition algorithm. If you can master even just the Anki basics, you can use Anki’s power to memorize thousands to tens of thousands of German words and concepts easily over time.

How to Install Anki and Your Speakada Flashcards

If you don’t have Anki installed, you’ll need to firstly install Anki on your computer. The Anki computer software and mobile app don’t come with any flashcards built-in. So, you then need to either create your own flashcards from scratch one-by-one or install the premade Anki German flashcard decks made by Speakada. 

*** As mentioned on our website and sales pages, we provide Anki flashcards which you use with the official Anki software. Please make sure you are using the official Anki software or app from here:

  1. Go to the official Anki website ( This is the only website where you are able to download the official Anki software securely and for free. When you open the home page, click on the ‘Download’ button. This will redirect you to the download information.
  2. Select the appropriate version of Anki for your computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). Be sure to download the latest version of Anki! We highly recommend this.
    1. Doing this will ensure that your Anki version will have the latest features and no bugs. 
    2. Also, when you use the latest Anki version, then you can be sure that your Speakada flashcards will work properly. 
  3. Save the installer to your desktop or download folder. This is where the file will be saved on your computer. You’ll need to know where you’ve saved your file in order to install Anki in the next step.
  4. Double-click the saved file on your computer to start installing Anki.
  5. Now that you’ve installed Anki, you can create your own flashcards from scratch one-by-one. You can also install the premade Anki German flashcard decks made by Speakada to save you time and effort. The following steps will guide you how to install the Speakada German flashcards.
  6. Access the relevant email that was sent to you by Speakada, and then download your Speakada German flashcards. You should have received an email to confirm your purchase of your Speakada flashcards. In this email you will also receive a download link. If you haven’t purchased your German Speakada flashcards yet, you can do so here.
  7. Save the Speakada flashcards file on your computer. Again, make sure it is saved somewhere that you can easily locate it.
  8. Double-click the saved file of your Speakada flashcards. Your flashcards will automatically install into Anki.

*** If you want to study the cards on your phone and your computer, then you need to do some other steps. But first you need to install Anki and install the cards on your computer.

Next Steps After Installing Anki and Your Speakada Flashcards

Once you are done installing Anki and your German Speakada flashcards, you can begin studying and learning German!

Learn more about how to study your flashcards effectively including what Anki settings to use here. But in general, the default Anki settings and Speakada flashcard settings should work well for most people.

We also recommend using AnkiWeb (, which is also created and managed by Anki. With AnkiWeb, you can backup your Anki flashcard data and statistics. You can also automatically sync your flashcards to multiple devices, such as your other computer devices, tablet, and smartphone. This is great for German learners who want total control and flexibility for where they study their flashcards. You can study your Anki flashcards and Speakada German decks, using devices that are convenient for you on-the-go or just at home.

If you are a beginner or would like to improve your pronunciation, we suggest starting off with the German pronunciation bundle which includes the German alphabet, German IPA and German minimal pairs flashcards. Our German vocabulary bundle is a great set of 3 flashcard decks to help you learn the most common German words and help you reach 90% German comprehension according to research. You’ll also learn the most common German phrases which can be a great first step in speaking German and understanding native Speakers in a variety of contexts.

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