Buy this Ukrainian Starter Bundle & Get All 3 Ukrainian Decks for Less

The Anki Ukrainian Flashcards Bundle deal is made for Ukrainian learners at the beginners level who would like to learn and memorize the basics of the Ukrainian language within 2-3 months. With this digital flashcard bundle, you’ll learn the Ukrainian alphabet, Ukrainian numbers and the Ukrainian IPA Pronunciation.

As a result, you will learn the foundation of the Ukrainian language and solidify your Ukrainian pronunciation in just a few months!

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What is Included in the Bundle?

The Anki Ukrainian flashcards bundle includes all 3 of the flashcard decks you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of the Ukrainian language. With this bundle, you’ll be able to learn the foundations of the Ukrainian language, and be able to pronounce like a Ukrainian native speaker. The 3 flashcard decks are:

Learn the Ukrainian alphabet with pictures and audio. Get familiar with the sounds & letters of the Ukrainian language.
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Start counting in Ukrainian using images and audio. Learn how to pronounce numbers in Ukrainian.
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Learn the fundamentals in Ukrainian pronunciation using the Ukrainian IPA Anki flashcards.
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