1-10 in Spanish: Learn How to Count in Spanish

Learning Spanish on your own can be overwhelming and confusing. Not knowing where to start or how to learn Spanish from scratch can stop you from learning. If you are a beginner learning Spanish, then learning how to pronounce and use numbers from 1-10 in Spanish, is a great way to ease yourself into the Spanish language.

In this article, you will learn how to count 1-10 in Spanish and the correct pronunciation of each of the numbers. Once you learn the numbers from 1-10 in Spanish, you can then progress to learning how to count in Spanish with confidence.

Why Learn to Count in Spanish?

Spanish numbers are part of the basics of the Spanish language and are often one of the first steps to learning Spanish for a beginner. Reflect on how many times you use numbers in your everyday life and imagine how difficult it would be if you didn’t know your numbers fluently.

Here are just a few scenarios in our everyday life where you would come across or use numbers:

  • Telling time in Spanish: Being able to read the time on your phone, asking what time it is and understanding the response and telling someone what the time is.
  • Shopping for food or products: Asking how much is a product or service, counting money or bargaining at your local markets for better prices.
  • Getting directions: Asking for directions and understanding the response, providing an address to a taxi driver, or locating a street number.
  • Using the phone: Using your smartphone to make a call or giving your number to someone.
  • Checking the weather: Understanding the forecast for the day.

As you can see, learning Spanish numbers is a critical part in speaking Spanish.

How to Count 1-10 in Spanish

Below are the numbers from zero to ten in Spanish. You will first see each number written in Spanish. This is the spelling of each of the Spanish numbers. This is important to remember how to spell and read Spanish numbers as the written form is often used too.

In order to learn how to pronounce numbers in Spanish, click on the audio icon and repeat what you hear. These are audios of native Spanish speakers. By listening to each audio, you will begin to understand how to correctly pronounce the numbers with a Spanish accent.

In the brackets, the Spanish number is spelled phonetically for you to help you correctly pronounce the numbers. You will also notice that 5 and 10 have two audios each. This is because the pronunciation of these numbers are different in both European Spanish and Latin-American Spanish.

1. uno (oo-no)

2. dos (dos)

3. tres (tres)

4. cuatro (kwat-ro)

5. cinco (theen-ko)

European Spanish Pronunciation
Latin-American Spanish Pronunciation

6. seis (seys)

7. siete (syet-ay)

8. ocho (o-cho)

9. nueve (nwe-bay)

10. diez (dyeth)

European Spanish Pronunciation
Latin-American Spanish Pronunciation

Best Ways to Remember Spanish Numbers in Your Long-term Memory

Now that you are familiar with counting 1-10 in Spanish, we want to make sure that you don’t lose all your hard work learning the Spanish numbers.

For many Spanish beginners, finding ways to lock information into our long-term memory can be a problem as we can often forget what we just learned. Without ongoing practice and study, you will find that you will forget what you learned today. But how do we remember what we just learned in our long-term memory?

Here are the best ways to memorize Spanish numbers:

1. Watching Spanish Numbers Songs & Videos on Youtube

Youtube is a free source for knowledge on many topics, one of which is Spanish numbers. You will find a long list of Youtube videos to help you reinforce what you learned today. Here’s an example of one of them:

It is important to note that many of the Youtube videos are targeted to children and therefore, the content can get a little boring or too simple for adult learners. The key however, is to find a few videos that you enjoy watching and revisit the videos time to time to reinforce your knowledge of Spanish numbers.

2. Spanish Numbers Audios

Finding time to study Spanish numbers can be difficult and that’s what many Spanish beginners often prefer audios as a way to study Spanish.

On this page, you can right-click each of the audios of the numbers 1-10 in Spanish and download them for free. Simply upload to your phone or audio device of your choice as a playlist and start learning while you are driving, commuting or whenever you have spare time.

3. Anki Flashcards

For years, self-taught Spanish learners have been highly recommending the use of a software called Anki. Anki is a free flashcards software that helps you effectively learn anything. In this case, it makes learning Spanish numbers so easy and fast. What everyone enjoys most about Anki is that the software it is the only free software that uses a spaced repetition system to help you memorize Spanish numbers and helps you store this information in your long-term memory.

How does it work? Flashcards are shown to you containing a Spanish number, the pronunciation audio of the number and a relevant image. You can then repeat out loud what you hear.

Example of a Spanish numbers flashcard

Anki will continue to show you the same flashcard until you indicate that remember this number. Overtime, the software will gradually spread the timeframe in which you see this flashcard in order to test your long-term memory of the Spanish number. It will therefore only show you more frequently Spanish numbers that you are finding more difficult to remember.

Anki has a few benefits that outweigh the above methods to memorize Spanish numbers. Apart from Anki being completely free to use, the software does all the hard work for you in determining when you need to revise certain Spanish numbers. Unlike the other two methods of learning Spanish numbers, Anki is programmed to help you remember the Spanish numbers without much effort.

It also keeps track of your statistics, like how many flashcards (Spanish numbers) you have learned, how long it took you to learn, and more. Another advantage is that Anki not only allows you to learn numbers in Spanish, it will automatically test your spelling for each of the numbers in Spanish and will test your pronunciation of each of the numbers until you know your Spanish numbers fluently.

If you prefer learning on your phone, the Anki app on iPhone and Android are also available and can be easily synced from your computer to phone, allowing you to freely learn Spanish numbers at your own convenience.

What’s also exciting is that you can use Anki to learn Spanish in general, from a complete beginner’s level all the way to fluency.

Although Anki is free, the flashcards to learn Spanish numbers are not included. Spanish learners will often create their own flashcards. However, this can be difficult if you have limited time and if you are not tech savvy to learn how to make flashcards for Anki.

A quick and easy solution that many Spanish learners prefer is to purchase Anki Spanish Numbers Flashcards, which can be installed in Anki. It will include everything you need to learn Spanish numbers including the pronunciation audio from a native Spanish speaker, a relevant image to help you visualize the Spanish number in real life situations and the correct spelling of each number. Even though there is a small cost, the up side is that it saves you time creating your own flashcards and ensures that you are learning the correct pronunciation from a native Spanish speaker and the Spanish numbers correctly.

There are so many other methods to help you memorize counting 1-10 in Spanish, but these are the 3 best ways that we believe can help you learn Spanish numbers effectively and for the long-term. You can try using all 3 methods outlined or use a mixture of these methods that suits your lifestyle – it really depends on what works best for you.

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