The “Chinese 625 Words Anki Flashcards” are specially made for Chinese learners who would like a digital flashcard deck of the 625 most common words in Chinese. The words are inspired from the Fluent Forever word list, but we have added our own audios, pictures, IPA, gender color mnemonics and put them all in a convenient Anki deck for you. This will save you several weeks or even months of time.

This flashcard deck and the Anki software are very customizable. So, you can add your own notes to personalize your 625 Chinese vocabulary words flashcards. For example, you could add your dog’s name for the word “dog” or change the image to your home city for the word “city”.


You could create your own Anki flashcards for free, but making cards for Chinese 625 words could take so much of your time and effort. On average it takes 3 minutes to create just 1 card. Our Chinese 625 words flashcards has a total of 1890 cards and if you were to create your own from scratch it’ll take 94 hours just on card creation alone. This doesn’t include sourcing images, native audios, learning how to use Anki and studying the cards.

To cut and paste each and every word, audio and image from the Fluent Forever 625 words PDF, it might take you many weeks or months to make 625 Anki flashcards yourself, especially if you are new to Anki or you aren’t very skilled with computers.

Many of you reached out to us about this problem, and we received several requests to create an Anki deck that is compatible with the Fluent Forever book and Fluent Forever 625 Word List. With this 625 Chinese vocabulary words Anki Flashcards you can personalize your cards. This will reinforce your learning and make them more memorable for you.

So we designed this Anki deck to help you skip the process of creating your own cards and to start learning from day one. This deck is quick to install and helps you to save time, allowing you to learn vocabulary while personalizing as you go.

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Flashcards: 1890 (630 Mandarin Chinese Words x 3 Card Types)

Time: Approx. 2-3 months to Complete

Difficulty: Easy/ Beginners


Anki 625 Words Flashcards:

This is a set of 1890 Anki flashcards pre-made for Chinese learners who want a pre-made deck for the Fluent Forever 625 words or who are following the Fluent Forever book. Each flashcard contains the word, native audio and an image. There’s also the opportunity to add customized notes for mnemonics, or to personalize the image. These Chinese (Mandarin) 625 words include verbs, nouns and adjectives that can be easily visually represented with an image. So, you learn all these 625 Mandarin Chinese words with the help of images, rather than English translations. This means you can quickly associate the images to the word in Chinese (Mandarin), without English translations getting in the way. The flashcard deck also features our own native audio and IPA. By using this Anki deck you will be able to:
  • Pronounce all the 625 Chinese vocabulary words correctly with native audios
  • Quickly think in the language, as you learn verbs, nouns and adjectives that can be easily visually represented with an image.
  • Associate the images to the word in Chinese, without English translations getting in the way.
  • Easily remember vocabulary with spaced repetition, images, and IPA.
  • Gain more confidence to learn more of the Language

Who is this for?

This is for individuals who are at a beginners’ level. The pre-made Anki deck is suitable for individuals who would like to start learning the basics of a language without the hassle and time-consuming process of creating your own vocabulary flashcards from scratch. This deck is especially for learners who have read the Fluent Forever book or used the Fluent Forever 625 word list “The Most Awesome Word List You Have Ever Seen”. This is an essential Anki deck for those interested in expanding their vocabulary. We recommend learning the alphabet, IPA and minimal pairs first before using the Chinese 625 words deck.

Where are the Chinese 625 Words Sourced From?

The Chinese 625 words are inspired from the Fluent Forever book and the Fluent Forever 625 word list. Unfortunately, Fluent Forever only released a PDF version of the list, and never created an Anki deck with those words. That’s why we sourced those 625 words from the Fluent Forever book, and then we gathered our own IPA, native audio, and images. Then we packaged it all conveniently for you in our own Anki flashcard deck, so that you save more time, and get started with studying Mandarin Chinese right away.

What Is Included?

  • 1890 flashcards already made for you to learn the 625 most common words that can be represented with an image. Each flashcard includes the word, IPA, native audio and an image.
  • The Anki Chinese 625 Words Flashcards set uses 3 different types of flashcards for each word.
  • Ready to install Anki flashcard deck to start learning instantly!

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Vocabulary – Get familiar with 625 most common words, which are part of the fundamentals of the entire any language. These words are inspired from the Fluent Forever book, and each of these can be easily represented with an image. This means you don’t use English translations to learn these words. The Trainer includes an image of every word, its IPA, along with an audio for correct pronunciation. You’ll learn the following words, but in Chinese (Mandarin):
    • (outer) space, actor, adjective, adult, afternoon, air, airport, alive, animal, apartment, apple, April, arm, army, art, artist, attack, August, author , baby, back (body), back (direction), bad, bag, ball, banana, band, bank, bar, bathroom, beach, beard, beautiful, bed, bedroom, beef, beer, beverage, bike, bill, billion, bird, black, blind, blood, blue, boat, body, bone, book, bottle, bottom, box, boy, brain, bread, breakfast, bridge, brother, brown, building, bus, cake, camera, camp, car, card, cat, ceiling, cell phone, centimeter, chair, cheap, cheese, chicken, child, church , circle, city, clay, clean, clock, clothing, club, coat, coffee, cold, color, computer, consonant, contract, cool, copper, corn, corner, country, court, cow, crowd, cup, curved, dark, date, daughter, day, dead, deaf, death, December, deep, diamond, dinner, direction, dirty, disease, doctor, dog, dollar, door, dot, down, dream, dress, drug, dry, dust, ear, earth, east, edge, egg, election, energy, engine, evening , exercise, expensive, explode, eye, face, fall, family, famous, fan (appliance), fan (sports), farm, fast, father, February, female, finger, fire, fish, flat, floor, flower, food, foot, foot, forest, fork, Friday, friend, front, game, garden, gasoline, gift, girl, glass, God, gold, good, grandfather, grandmother, grass, gray, green, ground, gun, hair, half, hand, happy, hard, hat, he, head, healthy, heart, heat, heaven, heavy, hell, high, hill, hole, home, horse, hospital, hot, hotel, hour, house, human, husband , I, ice, image, inch, injury, inside, instrument, island, it, January, job, juice, july, June, key, kilogram, king, kitchen, knee, knife, lake, lamp, laptop, large/big, lawyer, leaf, left, leg, lemon, letter, library, light (vs heavy), light (noun), light (color), lip, location, lock, long, loose, loud, low, lunch, magazine, male, man, manager, map, market, marriage, material, May, mean, medicine, metal, meter , milk, million, minute, Monday, money, month, moon, morning, mother, mountain, mouse, mouth, movie, murder, music, narrow, nature, neck, needle, neighbor, network, new, newspaper , nice, night, no, north, nose, note, noun, November, nuclear, number, ocean, October, office , oil, old (vs young), old (vs new), orange, orange, outside, page, pain, paint, pants, paper, parents, park, patient, pattern, peace, pen, pencil, person, photograph, piece, pig, pink, plane, plant, plastic, plate, player, pocket, poison, police, pool, poor, pork, pound, president, price, priest, prison, program (computer), queen, quiet, race (ethnicity), race (sport), radio, rain, red, religion, reporter, restaurant, rice, rich, right, ring, river, roof, room, root, sad, salt, sand, Saturday , school, science, screen, sea, season, second, secretary, seed, September, September, sex (gender), sex (the act), shallow, she, ship, shirt, shoes, short, short (vs long), shoulder, sick, side, sign, silver, sister  , skin, skirt, sky, slow, small/little, snow , soap, soft, soil, soldier, son, song, sound, soup, south, spoon, sport, Spring, square, stain, star, stone, store/shop, straight, street, strong, student, sugar, suit, summer, sun, Sunday, sweat, T-Shirt, table, tall, tea, teacher, team, tear (drop), technology, telephone, television, temperature, theater, they, thick, thin, Thursday, ticket, tight, time, tire, to beat/hit, to bend, to break, to build, to burn, to buy, to call, to carry, to catch, to clean, to close, to cook, to count, to cry, to cut, to dance, to die, to dig, to draw, to drink, to drive, to eat, to fall, to feed, to fight, to find, to fly, to follow, to go, to grow, to hang, to hear , to jump, to kill, to kiss, to laugh, to learn, to lie down, to lift, to listen, to live, to lose, to love, to marry, to melt, to mix, to open, to pass by, to pay, to play, to pray, to pull, to push, to run, to see, to sell, to shake, to shoot, to sign, to sing, to sit, to sleep, to smell, to smile, to speak/say, to stand, to stop, to swim, to taste, to teach, to think, to throw, to touch, to turn, to wake, to walk, to wash, to watch, to wear, to win, to work, to write, toe, tongue, tool, tooth, top, town, train, train station, transportation, tree, truck, Tuesday, ugly, university, up, valley , verb, victim, voice, vowel, waiter, wall, war, warm, water, wave, we, weak, wedding, Wednesday, week, weight, west, wet, white, wide, wife, wind, window, wine, wing, winter, woman, wood, world, yard, year, yellow, yes, you (singular), you (plural), young, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 30, 31, 32, 40, 41, 42, 50, 51, 52, 60, 61, 62, 70, 71, 72, 80, 81, 82, 90, 91, 92, 100, 101, 102, 110, 111, 1000, 1001, 10000, 100000, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th
  • Test Your Knowledge of the Chinese vocabulary – Use spaced repetition included in our Vocabulary Anki deck so that you can regularly check your knowledge of the words, and see how you’re progressing, and focus only on the most difficult words.
  • Memorize Chinese vocabulary easily – As you study the Vocabulary Trainer over 2 to 3 months, you will have memorized all of the 625 most common words in the language. Then, you’ll have more confidence communicating and take your language study even further.


Below, you can see the 625 Chinese Words Trainer for Anki in action. There are 3 different flashcard types for each word. The trainer’s flashcards include images, IPA, audio, as well as testing you to type the word.


Learn 625 Most Common Words in Chinese with Pictures

Start learning the top 625 Chinese vocab, using pictures. There’s no need to rely on English translations so you can think in Mandarin Chinese faster. The Trainer includes an image of every word, its IPA, along with native audio of the correct pronunciation.

Pronounce All Chinese 625 Words Correctly With Native Audios

Each flashcard contains an audio of the Chinese word spoken by a native to help you pronounce correctly the word in the right accent.

Test Your Knowledge of Chinese Vocabulary

Use spaced repetition included in our Chinese Vocab Anki deck so that you can regularly check your knowledge of words, and see how you’re progressing, and focus only on the most difficult words.

BONUS: Remember Extra Features of Chinese Words Easily with Colors

Most words in Chinese have extra features that you need to remember. These features can be difficult to recall because English does not have these features like multiple writing systems (such as Traditional Characters), the romanization of Chinese Characters with Pinyin, as well as counter/measure words. That’s why we have color coded the Traditional Characters as Green, the Pinyin as Purple, and the Counter/Measure Words as Red. Your brain will associate the colors with the additional vocab features, and therefore make it easier for you to remember them. So you speak with more confidence.


Hear from the hundreds of language learners who use our Anki decks and love them!

“Speakada uses diverse methods of teaching and learning, from visual to vocal, which all makes it easy to learn.”

(International trade diplomat & Language learner)

“I’ve been able to tweak my pronunciation, reducing the mistakes I make & increasing my memory of new words.”

(Corporate Tax Specialist & Language learner)

“Speakada motivates me by adapting to my schedule. I can learn in my own time. Now language learning is more fun.”

(Emergency medical doctor & Language learner)

“Thanks to Speakada I was able to save hours making flashcards and instead, focus on learning with confidence.”

(Business lawyer & Language learner)


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