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The Arabic (MSA) 2000 Words Flashcards are a digital Anki deck to help you learn the 2000 most common Arabic words. This deck is based on research by linguists Paul Nation, Stuart Webb and James Milton. You will learn these 2000 top Arabic words gradually, with the help of the most powerful memory tool in the world, Anki.

After you learn the top 2000 words, you will be able to understand about 90% of any given text, according to the research findings of renowned linguist Paul Nation.

Also, when you master the top 2000 words, then you’ll be more likely to pass the A2 Beginner Arabic Exam, according to linguist James Milton. This gives you a strong advantage to then pursue the Intermediate B levels of Arabic.

Language: Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic)

Flashcards: 2000 (2000 Arabic Words x 1 Card Type)

Time: Approx. 3-9 months to Complete

Difficulty: Beginners to Intermediate Level


Below, you can see the Top 2000 Arabic Words Trainer for Anki in action. The trainer’s flashcards include Frequency Rank, Arabic with and without Diacritics, Romanization, and English Translation when you need extra help.


Research studies by linguists Professors Stuart Webb and Paul Nation have found that the top 2000 words account for 90% of the words used in general texts.

Number of Words (According to Word Frequency)Level of Comprehension
1000 wordsAbout 75% comprehension of any kind of
2000 wordsAbout 90% comprehension of any kind of text
6000-7000 wordsAbout 98% comprehension of any kind of spoken material
8000-9000 wordsAbout 98% comprehension of any kind of written material

“Word frequency” refers to how frequent or how often a given word is used in a certain language. In Arabic there are hundreds of thousands of words you could learn. But when we analyze the frequency of those words in speech, books and other media, we realize that not every word has the same value for learning.

If you want to learn a Arabic faster, then you need to learn the words that are used most frequently in Arabic. Paul Nation, a world-renowned vocabulary acquisition linguist researcher from Victoria University of Wellington, agrees with this. He emphasizes the need to use word frequency lists as guidelines to study vocabulary in a foreign language. If you learn about 2000 most frequently used words in a foreign language, then you’ll be able to understand 90% of the language as it is spoken in normal life, according to research. This is just one of several research studies that we use to determine which words to learn first and why.


Linguist James Milton from Swansea University has done some interesting research to find out how many words are needed to pass certain levels of language tests based on the CEFR (Common European Framework Reference for Languages). The results are shown below:

There, you can see that if you learn about the 2000 top Arabic words, you are likely to pass the A2 CEFR language exam. The “A” levels of the CEFR refer to the beginner stages of a language, so it’s evident that learning roughly the top 2000 words in a foreign language will clearly take you into the intermediate stages of the language. Our aim with the Arabic Top 2000 Words Flashcards is to get you to A2 CEFR level. We therefore recommend learning the 2000 most common Arabic words before learning additional words.


Top 2000 Most Common Words Flashcards in Arabic Done for You

Start learning the top 2000 Arabic vocab, using the Arabic (MSA) vocabulary list and flashcards that we have collected for you. Get 90% comprehension of Arabic (MSA) with these 2000 words. We have done extensive research and examination to find this list that saves you a lot of time and energy. It would be very difficult for you to find and collate this Arabic frequency list flashcards yourself, so we’ve done the hard work for you.

Pronounce All Arabic 2000 Words Correctly With Audios

Each flashcard contains an audio of the Arabic word spoken to help you pronounce correctly the word in the right accent. The flashcard will also contain the Arabic word with and without diacritics, as well as romanization, to help you know the standard pronunciation.

Test Your Knowledge of Arabic Vocabulary

Use spaced repetition included in our Arabic Vocab Anki deck so that you can regularly check your knowledge of words, and see how you’re progressing, and focus only on the most difficult words. Our digital flashcards are made for the best memory tool in the word, Anki. By using the Arabic Top 2000 Words Flashcards, you’ll reach 90% Arabic comprehension.


You can learn more than 2000 words, but you will get the highest yield on your effort with the first 2000 Arabic words. Take a read of the linguistic research of Paul Nation and James Milton, and you’ll conclude that learning the top 2000 words gives you the best return on you effort. If you learn up to 7000 words, you only retain 8% more of the language as compared to learning 2000 words where you learn 90%. Also, you’ll take much longer to learn all 7000 words with smaller gains as compared to learning the top 2000 words. Once you start learning more than the top 2000 words, it will take much more of your time and you’ll be learning words that are less frequently used.

It’s clear that you need to master the 2000 most common Arabic words first before learning rare vocabulary. For example, if you’re a beginner, you’re better off learning very common words like “go”, “want”, “have”, “food”, “house”, “mother” and “father” because you’re more likely to use these words in a range of contexts. If you haven’t mastered these words and other top 2000 words, then don’t waste time memorizing rarer words like “tumble”, “whisper”, “crawl”, “durian”, “mangosteen”, “great-grandmother” and “father-in-law”. It’s very unlikely that you’ll ever use these words as a beginner. So, please don’t spend any time on these these rarer words, until you’ve mastered the first 2000 words, or unless these rarer words are so personally important to you and you absolutely need them.

Once you have completed learning the top 2000 words, we recommend learning words that you come across in media, literature and everyday life, rather than using a frequency list to add thousands of additional words. This will allow you to learn new words that are relevant to you. For example, if you are learning Arabic for your career, you may want to add additional words that are commonly used in your work. But only do this once you’ve learned and mastered the top 2000 words.


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